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Conventional resinoid hot pressed grinding wheels


Conventional resinoid hot pressed grinding wheels consists of the abrasive grain, like corundum or SiC, and the phenolic resin which is cured at appr. 180°C. It shows high metal removal rates, good lifetime and good surface finish. Through the production process high wheel speeds (< 80 m/s) are possible.

  • Feature
    High speed grinding available due to excellent wheel elasticity and cohesion.
  • Application
    Grinding flutes of taps and grind clearances & points of drills etc
Conventional Epoxy grinding wheels


Conventional Epoxy grinding wheels are made of abrasives and epoxy bond. They were developed to replace MgO as bond and some resin bonded wheels. They are used in double disc grinding for knives, springs and some applications in the bearing industry.

  • Feature
    Excellent performance for grinding heat sensitive materials due to wheel elasticity and decreasing heat generating
  • Application
    Grinding Knives, Bearing case & Grinding Chamfer of Tap
Conventional vitrified grinding wheel


Conventional vitrified grinding wheel is made of abrasive grain and a mixed feldspar, white clay, frits and mineral binders which are sintered at 800°C~1.300°C. The strong binding force allows a high porosity in the specification of the wheel which lowers grinding temperatures and increases high cutability.

  • Feature
    High thermal resistance in combination with high accuracy.
  • Application
    Precision grinding in many applications.
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